On Googling for this, you will be instantly presented with a very informative set of links. However, the problem is that the forums posts and blog posts are dated. This is a fast changing field, and with every product release, the crown shifts from one company to the other. With this in mind, I intend to keep this series of posts updated as and when there are relevant market changes. I will provide the most interesting set of links from the Google results at the end of this post.

The next post will weigh the pros and cons associated with various graphics card options for a HTPC build.

Interesting Googled links for choosing a good HTPC card:

1. EngadgetHD Invited User Comments

2. AnandTech's Review of ATI 4350 and 4550

3. Max Builds a HTPC

4. AVS Forum Thread on ATI 3450

5. AVS Forum Thread on ATI HD 4600 and 4800 series

I will try to summarize the gist and conclusions from the forum threads in future posts so that you can save time by directly finding out the present state of affairs with respect to that topic.